We carry a complete selection of parts and accessories to simplify installation and maximize the efficiency of your Central Boiler outdoor furnace. 

        Parts and Accessories Catalog

55 page catalog (11.6 MB), PDF format.     Includes section of system installation         diagrams.

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Choosing the best insulated piping system for your outdoor furnace is imperative to lower heat loss and reduce the amount of wood you'll burn. The ThermoPEX insulated piping system from Central Boiler is a proven system that saves energy and maximizes the efficiency of your outdoor furnace.

ThermoPEX is available with two 1-inch* oxygen barrier Central PEX lines, two 1-1/4"** oxygen barrier PEX lines, or two 25 mm*** oxygen barrier PEX lines (a supply and a return). All ThermoPEX is insulated with high-density urethane insulation and a thick, durable, waterproof polyethylene outer jacket.

ThermoPEX insulated piping saves energy and maximizes efficiency by keeping heat loss to a minimum. Greater system efficiency maximizes the delivery of heat from each pound of wood. That reduces wood consumption.

  • Easy to install - ThermoPEX is pre-assembled and ready to install
  • Can be installed even in high water table areas
  • Outer casing is UV protected for temporary above ground installations (although interior water lines are not UV protected)
  • Pipe is marked to easily identify supply and return lines

NEW! While 1" ThermoPEX is recommended for all installations because of its superior insulation value over all distances, 25 mm ThermoPEX is a good choice in installations with shorter distances. It is flexible, easy to transport and easy to install. 

Choose ThermoPEX. Because performance matters.

Choosing the best insulated piping system for your outdoor furnace is imperative if you want to lower heat loss and reduce the amount of wood you'll burn. ThermoPEX saves energy and maximizes efficiency.

FLEXIBILITY - Easy to work with, easy to install.

RELIABILITY - ThermoPEX is a proven, time-tested insulated piping system.

INSTALLS FAST - Easy to handle and easy to install, requiring only a narrow trench approximately a foot deep.



 Central Boiler fan convector heaters operate quietly. Powder-coat painted in an attractive neutral taupe color makes them compatible with any decor. They have replaceable integral air filters, connections for a wall thermostat, and are made of heavy gauge metal. Fan convectors work efficiently with hot water heating systems regardless of whether they are connected to a typical boiler or renewable technology such as a Central Boiler outdoor wood furnace. Hot water from the central heating system passes through a heat exchanger and transfers its heat to the aluminum fins where the quiet fans quickly distribute the heat around the room to give you a more even room temperature. Fan convectors are considerably smaller than the equivalent output radiators and are more versatile. They are designed to install in those ‘dead’ spaces, so you don’t have to design the room around the heating system. 

 Comfort-Tech Hydronic Fan Convectors Flyer

2 page flyer (978 KB), PDF format.


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